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All Aruba beaches are public, including those of the hotels (which is restricted is pool use). It is clear that the experience for this specific destination - the cities we visit in Italy - is better with a milder temperature, not so hot and not so cold, and preferably without rainfall. circuit of the waters, is composed of nine cities, is one of the best places to travel cheap, so it became one of the main tourist spots of the interior of São Paulo, became known worldwide for its water sources with medicinal properties.

Pousadas are family-run establishments with similar services to a hotel. The rooms are simple, incidentally, the hotel itself is of a simple standard. The Pousada respects the limits of the law that established the 'Cota Zero' for the transportation of fish at the state level. For the boatmen, the law did not reduce the number of fishermen in the Araguaia; on the contrary, increased and made tourism sustainable. Pousada Rio Clarinho, which is located 145 km from Cuiabá and 45 km from Poconé, has nine rooms, each with private bathroom and ceiling fan. | Most of the towns along the river have a structure for fishing, but Luís Alves (district of São Miguel do Araguaia), Aruanã and São Félix do Araguaia present more resources for fishermen. main river of the region, a natural divisor of the states of Mato Grosso, Goiás and Tocantins played an important role in the history of the city. This place exists and is the combination of the tranquility and beauty of one of the most fascinating Brazilian rivers with the sophistication and refinement of the Pousada Recanto do Araguaia. Rio Araguaia is born in the Altiplanos that divide the states of Goiás and Mato Grosso: its source is in the Serra do Caiapó, near the Emas National Park in the municipality of Mineiros in Goiás. same name (municipality of São Miguel do Araguaia), and a few steps from the river Araguaia, we hope you will enjoy the thrills of Fishing, be amazed by the unforgettable landscapes and biodiversity of the region, or have fun in the Season of Holidays in Araguaia. Whether you're traveling on business or pleasure, through our website and applications you can compare and book Marabá hotels and hostels with cheap price. Townhouse in Palmas Tocantins 5.5 km from Araguaia Palace with 6.4 hectares. Also within the park is the landmark of the geodesic center of Brazil, the site of the future Discoporto and Mirante do Cristo, from where you can see all the city and meeting of the rivers Garças and Araguaia, whose waters do not mix. pioneer of the Pousada and also the famous Welcome! " As there is interconnection of the watercourse with the Amazon basin, practically all the species existing in the rivers of the North of the country can also be fished in the Araguaia region, including the large ones. Find here the buses in Pará with date, time, destination, origin, periodicity and type of bus (Conventional, Conventional with Air, Double Class - Executive, Double Class - Bed - Bottom, Executive and Bed) for Overlooking Lake Luiz Alves, in the locality of the same name (municipality of São Miguel do Araguaia), and a few steps from the river Araguaia, we hope that you will come to delight in the emotions of the Sport Fishing, to be surprised by the unforgettable landscapes and the biodiversity of the region, or to have fun in the Holiday Season of Araguaia. At the border with Mato Grosso, this former village of diamond prospectors houses the only urban beaches of Araguaia. We returned to the Pousada in the evening with our trophy in the head, so ended our fishing on the Araguaia River with new and excellent friends at the Hotel Fazenda Primo Adam and with Nica, our partner, friend and great fisherman who accompanied us on this trip that may have been the The majority of cities along the river have fishing facilities, but Luís Alves (district of São Miguel do Araguaia), Aruanã and São Félix do Araguaia present more resources for the fishermen. I live in Sao Geraldo do Araguaia, it's a small town, but it's very cozy. To find cheap hostels in Araguaia just do a good search among the suggestions of posadas in order to find one that fits within your budget made available for the trip. It is possible to access the extensive lagoons and lakes that form a complex of the Cristalino bar, the limpid waters of the Cristalino river and the corners and fishing grounds of the Araguaia itself | Pousadas are establishments managed in a familiar way, with services similar to a hotel. The city has a structured hotel chain, but quiet can be found in two inns far from the central sector. Another highlight is local craftsmanship with utilitarian, decorative pieces and accessories in wood, coconut, straw, clay and taxidermized fish, as well as weaving and floral arrangements. The Pousada is next to the Park. The riverside are always ready to indicate boats and guides, navigating the Araguaia River is not for amateurs. This is Edward Vellasco and a pioneer of the Pousada and also the famous Welcome! " Redocumentate them by filling in a card with specific data about each cavity and plot with GPS of last generation, placement of metal plate with the identification of the cave so that access and meeting of these cavities is easier, even because with the imprecision of previous methods, many cavities are only being found because the reports of that time were preserved and some of them are only found because they are still in our memory.

HOTEL RIO ARAGUAIA 2 has received guests since 7 Mar. Xambioá forms a conurbation with the city of São Geraldo do Araguaia, that is located in the left margin of the River Araguaia. Araguaia river is one of the most known and visited in Goiás, being considered one of the most important springs of the state. With its 2,114 km stretch, the river covers the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Tocantins and Pará, being considered one of the most fishy in the world. | Place is adapted so that inns and hotels are in perfect harmony with nature and with adequate structure to receive visitors and tourists from all over Brazil. Location: Microregion of Araguaína, Baixo - Araguaia, North of Tocantins. We returned her to the Araguaia and plunged in thanking the river for our present and went to celebrate in the inn. Private script registered at a notary's office, Rural Environmental Cadastre, Map and descriptive memorial, Certificate of peaceful possession since 1994. As reported in Sebrae-GO website, the idea of the Araguaia Circuit Fishing and Beach "was developed during II Seminar for Development of Turismo de Pesca Esportiva in Goiás, held in December 2016. Araguaia River is a natural boundary between Mato Grosso and the states of Goiás and Tocantins, making the entire eastern border of the state correspond to the layout of the river bed. Geraldo from Araguaia to Salvaterra. Pichain river boat trip, ecological walks along the monkey trail, fishing of the fierce and dangerous piranha, safari - photographic with emphasis on night-time focusing, boat trips and a visit to a typical pantanal farm where you will see how you live and what you do pantaneiro man tournament is an achievement of the Araguaína City Hall through the Secretariat of Education, Culture, Sport and Leisure, Secretariat of Economic Development and Environment, in partnership with the Natura Activa Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Sebrae, Government of the State of Tocantins, entrepreneurs and other partners The POUSADA ARARAS PANTANAL ECO LODGE with access roads for small cars, throughout the year by the Transpantaneira Park Highway, 132 km south of Cuiabá (capital of Mato Grosso). According to businessman Geraldo Quirino, leader of the caravan, the first fishing began in June 1983. Rio Araguaia is born in the altiplano, 850 meters high, in the Serra do Caiapó, near the Emas National Park, Mineiros, north-central region of the territory in Goiás. At GuiaMais, you find all the best hotels, in the best locations in Sao Geraldo do Araguaia, PA. Aruanã is famous for its riverside sand beaches, located in the Red and Araguaia rivers, bordered by dense native forest with valuable flora and fauna, as well as its islands, especially Bananal. Rio Araguaia, one of the largest postcards in Goiás, is the main tourist attraction in the area and attracts more tourists each year in search of the delights of fishing. Located near the famous Araguaia River, Pousada Recanto do Araguaia offers a private barbecue, swimming pool and games room. Tour Options: Araguaia River, Crixás-Açu, Javaés, Pintado, Rio Verde and Cristalino, Lake Luiz Alves, Lake Brito, Lago do Campo, Lake Comprido, Lago da Capim, Lago da Mata, Bananal Island, Varal Lake , Praia do Gorgulho, Barreira da Loire, etc. The source of the Araguaia River is in the Serra do Caiapó, in Mineiros, and it goes north, flowing into the Tocantins River. House for rent in São Geraldo do Araguaia, São Geraldo do Araguaia - PA according to the private area. To go from São Geraldo do Araguaia to Bragança. Araguaia River is possibly one of the most fishy in the world, being comparable to the Matogrossense pantanal, in both volume of fish and in quantity of available species.

Find hotels and hostels in Sao Geraldo do Araguaia in Pará here. There are both simpler camping areas and luxurious accommodations with air conditioning and all the comfort you would have in town, with the added advantage of being within walking distance of the warm waters of Araguaia. In the Araguaia river is found a huge variety of fish. | Site News Agency can remove, without prior notification, posted comments that do not respect the criteria imposed in this notice or that are outside the subject matter of the commented matter. House for rent in São Geraldo do Araguaia, São Geraldo do Araguaia - PA according to the number of bedrooms. Located in a strategic place, right at the entrance of the canyons, Pousada Nascente do Araguaia is a point of support for those who know this wonderful region. , Hotel São Miguel (62-3364-1863), Pousada Luz do Araguaia (62-3364-1122), Hotel Santa Luzia (62-3364-2318), Hotel Avenida (62-3364-2662), Hotel Paraíso (62-3364-2662) 3364-1061), Travelers Hotel (62-3364-1747). a movement created by the Communist Party of Brazil (PC do B) intended to carry out a peasant revolution between the municipalities of Xambioá (TO) and São Geraldo (PA), which are on the banks of the Araguaia. small inns along the river or in city hotels. The distance between Sao Geraldo do Araguaia and Braganca (both in Pará) is 625.64 km, but the driving distance is 806 km. "PIRATINGA" (whitefish in the indigenous language), provides all comfort for your fishing, tows boats, and you can navigate to three destinations, Araguaia River above, Rio das Mortes, or down Araguaia River. to the areas was quite difficult and the only way to carry them out was by camping, which was done in the period from 1987 to 1992, by the Martírios do Araguaia project. IMPORTANT TO HIGHLIGHT THAT ALL THESE RIVERS AND LAKES, EXCEPT OF THE ARAGUAIA RIVER, ARE ONLY FISHED WITH AUTHORIZATION. After success, director and actresses of the Araguaia novel exhibited by Rede Globo return to São Félix, a municipality located 1,150 km northeast of Cuiabá and known for the beautiful natural landscapes. To complete the trip along the Araguaia River, it is worth stretching another 320 km along the road until the little Luiz Alves, known for attracting visitors in search of big fish. Considered one of the most fishy in the world, Rio Araguaia houses some of the best fishing spots in Brazil, whose season runs from March to October. In Baliza, near Ribeirãozinho, in Mato Grosso, Araguaia is in no hurry and narrows in a 50 km long canyon with rocky walls that protect freshwater beaches. | It will be specific when received from the hotel or approximate when there is no the direct information of the hotel on the rates practiced. It is prepared to provide all comfort for your fishing, tow the boats, and navigate to three destinations: Araguaia River above, Rio das Mortes, or down Araguaia River. São Geraldo do Araguaia is about 260 kilometers away from Parauapebas, a route that can be made by car in just over five hours. | Pleasure to stay 24 hours a day in the middle of nature, without charges of any kind, without pressure , without any inopportune phone calls and to complete, boat trips, a river full of fish, good food, good drink, good music, good jokes, lies, talk and stories without compromise. It has the best infrastructure of all the Araguaia Valley, with a waterfront avenue with bars and restaurants, on the crescent beach.

For travelers who are willing to take an additional hour by boat, a good choice of accommodation is the Pousada Cristalino, isolated and accessible only by the river. Below is more information on the fishing package in the Canyons Region of the Araguaia River. To get there, you must go to Pousada Asa Branca II (Porto Fio Velasco), which is about 100 km from Luiz Alves, from there, a boat descends the Araguaia River to the inn, about 72 km. It has rooms equipped with air conditioning, boat rentals, baits and full board. | Araguaia river, in Mato Grosso, once again, was chosen destination by the group of Tracajás de Lafaiete. At the end of the day it is always good to watch sunsets, an unparalleled spectacle of colors and lights, adorning Araguaia river, beaches and birds with a bundle of varied and countless colors. São Geraldo do Araguaia city center is only 500 meters from Hotel Rio Araguaia Ii, the banks are 900 meters and the Bus Station is only 1000 meters away. | Located on the edge of the beautiful and fascinating Araguaia River, in the city of Aruanã , Pousada Recanto do Araguaia welcomes you and your friends, family and the organizer of your event. Located at the confluence of the Red and Araguaia Rivers, Aruanã is the gateway to the Araguaia Valley, and has as main tourist attractions beaches, fishing, lakes and the magnificent Araguaia River and its tributaries. Dedé, played tricks, counted on new jokes, slept a lot, sang if and sometimes tried to catch a pirarara, who to know better river, won from the fishermen nails crabs, exceptions, to the truth, Juca Veículos , also known by the nickname of Kenyan, "for having a physique formed by a belly and a handful of bones and Ivan Macaco, who were the only ones who managed to get three big - headed people out of the water. Prison of Leopoldina, today Aruanã, Goiás; in the Middle - Araguaia, Prison of Santa Maria do Araguaia, today, Araguacema, Tocantins; in the Baixo - Araguaia, the Chambioás Prisons, nowadays Xambioá, Tocantins, of São Vicente do Araguaia, nowadays Araguatins, Tocantins and Prison of São João de Dois Barras, now São João do Araguaia, Pará. of its colonization began on the banks of the Garças rivers, confluence with Rio Araguaia. Located in the center, in Av. Araguaia, Phone: (94) 99230 0119 = Email: kaliciaevelin_bio @ It has 10 apartments with TV, air, minibar and wi-fi, breakfast, social area, restaurant, space for coffee breakfast and outdoor area with kiosk and event space The combination of the tranquility and beauty of one of the most fascinating Brazilian rivers with the sophistication and refinement of Pousada Recanto do Araguaia. São Geraldo do Araguaia is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Pará. In addition to the structure for sport fishing, Araguaia beach, hotel has hot water well and comfort in the rooms. The SEDTUR team, housed at Recanto do Sossego Pousada, in the municipality of São Felix do Araguaia, from the 27th to the 28th of November. 2013, on the occasion of the Meeting of Municipal Interlocutors of the Region under Araguaia, were received by the owner Carol, who is also Turismologist and Specialist in Tourism, and collaborator in the municipality and region for which Tourism of Development said she when sharing with Secretary of SEDTUR Jairo Pradela and with Technician Geraldo Lúcio.

"It was almost two days of travel, with a stopover in São Paulo, but it is worth all this effort," says Maria Dirce, 55, who left Curitiba (PR) with her husband and six other friends heading to the lodge on the Cristalino river, one of the Araguaia tributaries. The only one really on the edge of the Araguaia River, providing great fishing without additional cost of boats and pilots. | Access the site of the hostel and check information about Rio Araguaia, and other tips for a trip to the banks of this wonderful river. in 1995 by the governor Almir Gabriel, dismembered of São Geraldo of the Araguaia. On the site, which is located in the city of Porto Luiz Alves, the banks of the Araguaia River offers one of the best structures for tourists who wish to make reservations for inns in Araguaia in order to explore its beauty. also of rest and contemplation of a nature that dispenses stress and renews the energies, just as the river allows the waters to run freely, without attachment, in a natural ceremony of renewal. We hope to welcome you for a rest, a stroll or fishing in the best hostel in town. Government of Pará, which always bet on tourism as a generator of business, jobs and income, has provided important support, "said Daniel Pereira, owner of Henvil, which has been operating in river transport in the Marajó region for 17 years. of 8,000 m², on the banks of the Araguaia River, with 21 apartments, all decorated with different motifs, always trying to please those who pass by, with safety, functionality, cleanliness, hygiene and everything else that guarantees tourists, from whence they come , to your well-being and comfort. MF Rural is an advertisement website for buying and selling agricultural products for all of Brazil, with respect to offers of agricultural inputs or products of interest to the rural producer. that the Military Police has been carrying out in the Araguaia region, proof of this was the last action of the PM against environmental crimes in the municipality of Luciara, where about 20 tortoises were seized and loose again in nature. We have received year after year families and diverse groups of people in love with the beauties of the Rivers Araguaia and Rio das Mortes allied and the sport fishing, good food, good chat and comfort. The hostel is located in front of Bananal Island, on the banks of the Araguaia River, 600m from the meeting with Rio das Mortes, 20 Km from the city of São Félix do Araguaia-MT. Page 1 of results for pousada rio araguaia - 0.734 sec. As a heron elegantly planing to get to the beach, the house seems to be located in that landscape, an immense geography that inspires peace and tranquility, living up to the name given to it: Pousada Encontro of Waters ". In spite of the disagreements that life sometimes reserves for us, the Pousada is a refuge where we find a perfect harmony that combines comfort, elegance, refinement, personalized attention and professionalism that manifests itself in every detail. | To attract even more tourists, besides the beauties of the beaches of Araguaia, there are free options in the city, ranging from exhibitions of indigenous handicrafts to the practice of exercises in the city square. Hotel in Site's Guide registers more than 22 thousand hotels, flats, inns, resorts, boat-hotel, farm hotel, jungle hotel, hostel, bed & breakfast and other means of accommodation for 5,700 cities throughout Brazil.

The smart arowana can be seen in the water, and give a show apart with their furious attacks on surface plugs. To enjoy the beaches of the river, visitors can stay in sophisticated chalets or in simple accommodations. Until, when retiring, Salete decided to set up in Goiânia, a travel agency focused on nature-related tourism and, of course, the Araguaia River, where he had spent several months, year after year, with husband and children. : GO-164, GO-244, BR-153 and BR-153, GO-164, GO-070, GO-070, GO-070, GO-070, GO-070, Gohânia, Gohânia, Gohânia, Itauçu, Goiás, Araguapaz, Nova Crixás and São Miguel do Araguaia. -080. The first at 11am, on the banks of Araguaia in the municipality of Xambioá, in Tocantins territory; in São Geraldo do Araguaia, the signing is scheduled for 2:00 PM. Formerly Porto de Leopoldina, it was founded in 1850 and until 1958 was the main port of supply of the state capital at the time, the City of Goiás It was called Aruanã in the reason for the remarkable presence of a fish that has the same name and which also means a dance of the Karajá tribe, which has a very old village right next to it, on the banks of the Araguaia River. and the guide and companion Nica, a profound connoisseur of the Araguaia and its fish. Climate is tense in the small town of Luciara that is on the edge of the Araguaia River. Some of the municipalities bordering Araguaia are Aruanã, São Miguel, Luiz Alves and Britânia (GO); Alto Araguaia, Ponte Branca and Santa Terezinha (MT); Araguacema, Araguatins, Couto de Magalhães (TO); In the nineties, the foliage was organized by the Municipality, through the mayor Juxson Alves Pereira, thus industrializing the carnival in Avenida Araguaia (on the waterfront), with a mega-structure, where bands and electric trios, nightclubs like Iceberg, Titanic Dance take turns providing leisure and entertainment to revelers from all corners of Brazil that comes to Xambioá. of the Rio Araguaia flood, and goes through restoration, and Titanic Dance, which gave rise to Funk. With the natural attractions that the region offers and the familiar vocation of well receive, the Pousada Itacaiú was born directed to the sport fishing and leisure. Barra do Garças was founded in 1924 by garimpeiros who came to the region with the first wave that settled on the banks of these rivers.Whoever lives in Xambioá believes that a person on the other side of the river, in the state of Pará, also takes care of the animal. Core director Marcos Schechtman, actresses Paula Pereira and Suzana Pires and assistant director Ursula Marini talk about charm for the region and pleasure to return to the scenario of the leaflet and that has as majestic backdrop Araguaia river. It is docked in front of the hostel KURYALA, 25 Km from São Félix do Araguaia-MT, and from there to the destination chosen. | The dishes range from the typical fish from the Araguaia to the gallop. Luiz Alves do Araguaia is a district of São Miguel do Araguaia, distant 40km., Has asphalt streets and electric power, here is Porto Luiz Alves, starting point for visits to Bananal Island, access to the Lagoon and the Cristalino River. Floating Mantega is located between Rio São Benedito and Sete Quedas on the River Teles Pires on the border of Pará and Mato Grosso.

Serpenteando between the States of Goiás, Mato Grosso and Tocantins, river Araguaia carries an immensity of water. In Lagoa da Confusão, rich in fauna and flora, several environmental protection projects are developed, based on the Cantão State Park. Also the diversity of the local ichthyofauna (fish), which make of the Araguaia River and other rivers belonging to the Amazon Basin, are ideal for the practice of fishing, mainly the sportive one, segment of Ecoturismo that has been growing significantly in all Brazil. account of the sunset, porpoises surrounding schools of fish, monkeys on the other side of the river and the beaches that must be used with care because river has a dangerous channel that often suffers collapse of a dragging sandbank that has in front facing in of the river, site is monitored by lifeguards. The best motel companies in São Geraldo do Araguaia will find in the Directory São Geraldo do Araguaia There are 4 companies registered in the São Geraldo do Araguaia directory for the motel category. a thermal inn with natural pools up to 45 degrees. Where to stay: Hotel dos Canoeiros (62-3382-3150), Hotel Pousada Jaburu (62-3382-3122), Hotel Pousada Pescador (62-3382-3100), Hotel Tuiuiú (62-3382-3135), Hotel Pousada Vida do Araguaia (62-3382-1105), Hotel Brisa do Araguaia (62-3382-3106) (there are a few vacancies in Luís Alves.) Check the best prices for Sao Geraldo do Araguaia hostels, see hotel reviews and cheap hostels and deals for your weekend or New Year's Eve and carnival holiday. ACCOMMODATING WITH CARING AND COMFORT, CLOSE TO THE ARAGUAIA RIVER AND VARIOUS RESTAURANTS COME AND CONFERENCE, AND A DELICIOUS BREAKFAST. President of the Republic, Michel Temer, arrives today in the municipality of São Geraldo do Araguaia, in the south of Pará, where he signs the service order for the construction of the bridge over the Araguaia River, connecting the municipalities of Xambioá, Tocantins, and São Geraldo of Araguaia, in Pará, in BR-153. The chosen destination was Luciara-MT municipality, a small river town located in a very fishy point of the river Araguaia. Located in Vila Marcelenense distant 30 km from the headquarters of the municipality located on the banks of the Araguaia River. Pousada Rio araguaia Mato grosso. For Senator Jader Barbalho (PMDB), who also actively participated in making the bridge a priority, this is another path for development in Pará. | By the river, luxurious and traditional camps are built with all the comforts of modern life, such as antennas parabolic, sound, leisure, hot water showers and even heliports. In the middle of the forest that borders the Araguaia River, in front of Bananal Island in the state of Mato Grosso, is our Pousada. Canoeiros Pousada's website is complete, and offers suggestions of travel, the location of the inn and means of arriving to the place, as well as the possibility of making reservations through the internet, which facilitates a lot for tourists. | After lunch we return to Piau , in a barn near the Pousada. Cara PARABENS by the hooked fish, plus Piraiba is Piraiba very beautiful even, one day I will also realize this dream of Fishing in the River Araguaia, and again Parabens by the great fishing. Rio Araguaia (Araras river or Tupi dialect) - is born in Goiás, in the elevated formations existing in the Emas National Park, (ecological reserve - environmental protection area - located on the border of the states of Goiás and Mato Grosso, near to the city of Mineiros.) The 2,100-kilometer stretch of the Araguaia River shelters a wide variety of fish and other animals, attracting mainly fishermen. Araguaia can be navigated in much of its course, which led to the constitution of study teams to evaluate the possibilities and viability of the construction of a waterway connecting Araguaia and Tocantins.

Options of excursions: By boat by the Araguaia River. The great diversity of fish and varied structures of Araguaia attracts fishermen of all tastes. Some of them: do not use native wood of the region, do not hunt, do not fish without environmental agencies license, do not let go of fires, build bathroom away from the river bank for at least 30 meters and do not use cans inside, and take all litter produced in the camp The Pousada do Parque is strategically located for those who really want to stay close to nature. It has 02 km of beaches on the banks of the Araguaia River, several waterfalls, two streams that are born inside the fazenda.Topografia 90% flat, subsoil rich in minerals, research conducted by Vale. In the dialect Tupi means Rio das Araras or Parrot Manso. It was a certain English explorer, Colonel Percy Fawcet, who famously saw the Serra do Roncador as a mystical and special place, lined with deep mysteries, when he organized an expedition to the region in 1925. Traders bill the high season of July, on the Araguaia River, in Aruanã, 315 km from Goiânia. Nica chose to drop our baits in the vicinity of a tree lying in the channel of the river, on the side of one of the countless islands of the Araguaia. Aruana's municipality, located in the micro-region of Rio Vermelho, in Goiás, is the main gateway to tourism in the Araguaia River, one of the most beautiful in the world. to realize the opening of the road between São Geraldo do Araguaia and Itaipavas (a village of dwellers) in a course of 90 km and, there was set up a camp to house the workers and machinery of the company, place coincided to be mounted on top of a gravel In the coastal towns and districts, such as Aruanã, Aragarças, Bandeirantes, Cocalinho and Luís Alves, artists and national groups such as Jota Quest, Paula Fernandes, Banda Calypso, Tony Garrido, Almir Sater, Marcos Mafra, Bahia Pepper Band, DJ Malboro, Banana Band with Barley, Band Tekos do Forró, among others, disembark in the region to move a little more paradisiacal scenery with the realization It is part of the Amazon basin and, along more than 2000 km of course, marks the border of the states of Mato Grosso and Goiás, Mato Grosso and Tocantins, and also Pará and Tocantins, flowing into the Tocantins River, in the triple border of Tocantins, Pará and Maranhão. Rio Araguaia (river of macaws or parrot in the Tupi dialect - see also e) is born in Goiás, in the elevated formations in the Emas National Park, an ecological reserve - an environmental protection area - located on the border of the states of Goiás and Mato Grosso , near the city of Mineiros. | Guided tour with the agency Portal do Araguaia Turismo. Aruanã is a municipality of Goiás, the main gateway for tourism in the Araguaia River. It is a luxury guesthouse on the banks of the Araguaia River in Aruanã. TripAdvisor takes pride in partnering with Priceline, so you can make your reservations at Hotel Rio Araguaia 2 with confidence. In the first two days, intense heat and low level river favored the activity of the fish of scale in the first stretch and resulted in little activity of the leather fish in the second one. At the points indicated by the guide we released the baits and boat went up river for about 200 meters, to where it would be supported. 1. Pousada Kuryala is located in front of Bananal Island, on the banks of the Araguaia River, 600m from the meeting with Rio das Mortes, 20KM from São Félix do Araguaia-MT. The distance between Sao Geraldo do Araguaia and Salvaterra (both in Pará) is 627.74 km, but the driving distance is 774 km.

What to Look for When Planning Your Church Retreat Do you know what the most important part of planning a church retreat is? Obviously you want to find a retreat venue that caters to Christian retreats and values, but there are other important factors to consider. Your venue needs to be able to handle your specific type of retreat and also you should look for recreation activities and know about dining options. The venue is crucial to having a great church retreat, so you want to check some important factors to help find the perfect one for your group. Your venue can make a big difference for your Christian retreat. Planning a church retreat is not quite like planning a vacation because there are things you need to consider other than relaxation. One way to make it easy to find a good venue for your church retreat is by considering your agenda and the setting you will best accomplish it in. Also, you want to find a setting specifically tailor toward Christian values, which is why you may want to specifically look for a Christian retreat center. Getting the right Christian retreat venue can really help you accomplish the goals of your retreat. You also should consider the type of retreat you are planning for. Considering the type of retreat you are planning for, whether it is a couples retreat or a women’s retreat, you need to find a venue that can accommodate for both. Many venues are tailored toward Christian youth retreats, so you want to make sure that you do not plan your women’s or couples retreat there. Matching your venue to the people and purpose you are planning it for can make a big difference which is why you need to ask yourself this and the retreat venue what types of retreat they are best prepared to accommodate.
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On top of finding a Christian oriented venue and one that can accommodate for your group, you want to think about some other factors. You should also look into dining options and whether or not your retreat venue is all-inclusive. This is important to consider for both your budget and also for your attendees to know before going on the retreat. Dining and food is important, but you should also be informed on the recreation activities the retreat venue offers. It is important for people on the retreat to have opportunities to relax and have fun, so you want to make sure you accommodate for this. Whether there are sports, fun classes, swimming or anything else, your attendees’ opinion and level of fun they have on the retreat is often related to the activities offered. Obviously the content and purpose of your church retreat is the most important part, you still want everyone to have fun while they are there.
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Finding the right church retreat location can seem difficult, but you can make this a simple process. By finding a Christian oriented venue and ensuring that it accommodates your specific type of retreat you are off to a good start. After this step you should then consider things such as recreation activities, dining options, and accommodations to help ensure your attendees will be happy and comfortable. These considerations will help you find the best venue for your church retreat and also ensures everyone has a great time.


First, the roundup is a practical business – it’s undertaken by people on horses (wranglers) to assess the size and health of the herd – but it’s also one of the best days out you can have on the Great Plains.

The vibe is about as South Dakota as it gets, all state pride and local flavour: Miss South Dakota beaming for pictures from atop her horse; long lines for buns stuffed with pulled buffalo (optional baked beans and nachos on the side); the smell of horses and manure spiking the air; and wranglers in chaps strutting about, bow-legged from a lifetime in the saddle.


The roundup is also a deep insight into the country’s past. The story of these enormous beasts is one of America’s most epic. They roamed the Plains in their tens of millions before the arrival of European settlers and Native American life revolved around them.

Through the 1800s, the bison were shot for their hides and meat; for sport (including ‘hunts’ involving potshots from the comfort of trains); to make space for cattle and farming; and, shamefully, to deny Native Americans their main food source. Come the end of the century, bison numbers had dwindled to just 700 or so.

So while it was an unforgettable occasion, full of the kind of ‘authentic’ experience every tourist craves, I watched the majestic running of the animals with sadness too. The thunder of their hooves could once rival that of the vast skies above.


It isn’t actually abuffalo roundup. It’s a bison roundup. The settlers misnamed them because of their likeness to the buffalo that roam Asia and Africa, and the tag stuck. But they’re bison.

And, in case you’re wondering, bison are also very different to cattle. The far more docile cattle were introduced by Europeans, and need a lot of care. Bison are indigenous and uncooperative, so for the rest of the year, the herd are left mostly to their own devices – they know how to take care of themselves.

Most bison herds in the USA – including the roundup’s – now have a bit of cattle in them. For ‘pure’ bison you have to go down the road to neighbouring Wind Cave National Park. The herd there has never been interbred (though only scientists can discern any difference).


Well, there’s octogenarian Bob Lantis, who has worked every roundup for the past 45 years – and swears he’ll be there next year too. Plus, there’s Miss South Dakota, who isn’t just there to look pretty either.

The rest of the wranglers are either park rangers or volunteers. The latter are screened to make sure they’re good enough at riding – but then lots of people in South Dakota are good at riding horses, rodeo is the official state sport, after all.


The bison have already been preliminarily gathered together – loosely – before the big day, then the roundup itself takes place over a distance of about a mile, through various fields, with crowds gathered on low hills around its course.

Since you watch from a slight remove, the whip-cracks and whoops of the wranglers and the pummelling of the bison’s hooves carry to you on the wind rather than assault your senses.

But then you come to the roundup – which is free – as much for the atmosphere as for the herding itself, which takes about half an hour. And for a state with just 800,000 people, it’s a hell of an atmosphere. The figures aren’t in for this year but 2015, the fiftieth anniversary, saw 25,000 guests.

In any case, you really don’t want to get too close. This year there was one calf that had been born later than the other young, just three weeks before the roundup. During the action one of the wranglers got too close to it and its mother chased the horse away. It did make me wonder, with a little thrill, if the American bison has ever truly been conquered.