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Conexion Paris has created, from its extensive library of articles, the series Paris Without Spending Too Much ". For example, many cities have famous buildings because they are the highest in the country, and then you have to pay a mini-fortune to get to the top. Most often, a trip lasting between 7 and 10 days, for one person, costs on average $ 1500, including everything. Price for car is around $ 150.00 - worth it for anyone who can share value with someone else.

Finally in Búzios, there is a schooner tour, but I recommend even enjoy the beaches, such as Praia Azeda, Azedinha, Brava, João Fernandes and Tartaruga. Let us give you several legal tips for you to save on lodging, food, attractions, sightseeing, shopping, airfare, car rental, travel insurance that is mandatory for Europe and many other tips that will save you a lot in Italy.

And as Canada, especially the cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Quebec are visited a lot by students who want to take English courses, there are many cheap hotel options. Not to mention that it is the cheapest option to buy those everyday things like water, juices, chocolate, cookies and drinks. Good Jamile, Porto de Galinhas there are options for all tastes and for all pockets, just be careful with people who are offering tours in the street you can fall in a stolen.

The beaches north of Maragogi (Barra Grande, Ponta de Mangue, Antunes) do not have muvuca, but neither do they have service. If you search well, you will buy much cheaper airfare and save a lot on the trip to Europe. Another tip to save even more is that with the mobile Internet running, you save more than 130 euros of GPS rent if you rent a car because you can use GPS from your cell phone.

At high tide, however, the only way to get to and out is by the staircase carved into the cliff, which is on the left-hand side of the beach. It is a pass that can be purchased for 3,4,8 or 15 days of travel and most of the time comes out much more than buying the tickets for each part of your itinerary separately, because during the days bought the amount of travel is unlimited.

Beware when staying at Porto Seguro Praia Hotel there is a lot of mosquitoes, as we do many tours we arrive at the hotel with vontande to rest sound of the bar goes until 23:00 in an annoying volume, the rooms do not have acoustic insulation any noise if it is heard in the room. The spawning of green turtles usually occurs on the beaches of Leo and Sancho, whose season runs from December to June and is monitored by the Tamar Project.

Another legal tip is to save money on shopping in Lisbon and any other city in Portugal. We stayed at Hotel Pousada da Sereia and we recommend it, price was fair, service very good and has even pool! If you want to avoid stabbing, since both prices on the menu are slightly higher than those practiced elsewhere, go to the pier and you will see sunset from the same angle of Portaló.

But one thing is for sure, it helps a lot when planning your dream trip, be it here in Brazil, Europe, Asia, Oceania, America and any other place you want, this shows that any trip is possible, just search and research that you find the best prices and opportunities. What we always do and what it is worth is to buy a chip from an American company that for only 55 dollars you get a chip for a month to use your cell phone at will.