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Traveling cheaply and Rio de Janeiro in the same sentence? "Are you sure this is possible?" We dare say ... it is! With me also, I happened to decide to make the trip missing a month and then the tickets and hotels were very expensive because it was high season, the agency was cheaper and more comfortable, with installment in 8x in the ticket, I had purchased separate would have to parcel out each thing separately on the card or pay the view.

For security reasons, it is best to take a portion of the cash and most of the prepaid card (despite the higher IOF and fees paid on each serve), because if you lose or are stolen, the carriers can block your card and send you a new one in a very short timeframe anywhere in the world (check conditions when hiring).

Well, Maceio is made of natural pools and lots of places to meet, I'd rather save money on the passage and hotel and have a little penny to pay for the raft trips from coast to inside to dive and see the corals, money, and do not need much, to eat lots of lobster, money to make a buggy ride through the dunes and many other things that I hope to enjoy in Maceió.

Now that you already know all about a 3-day itinerary in Paris, a very important tip that we reinforce for everyone who is planning to go to any country in Europe is that do not forget that taking an International Travel Insurance is mandatory to travel there. See our Travel Insurance for Europe with everything you need to know about subject, what are the best insurance and tips to make excellent insurance at an incredible price saving a lot.

One of the best online travel agencies in Brazil, Decolar Viagens offers a huge amount of daily promotions to the most popular national tourist destinations, define your destination and receive immediately the best options of prices of tourist packages, schedules and dates of air tickets, as well as incredible promotions of the most used drop off tickets such as GOL, LATAM and Azul.

To start a script in Paris, start by listing everything you want to know and then, in order for it to be functional, try as much as possible to organize everything by geographical regions, paying attention if the attractions you plan to visit are open on the scheduled day (Louvre , for example, closes on Tuesdays) so you basically will get a transport to go, do everything on foot and then just need another more means of transport to get back to hotel.

On any trip, what matters is fate, right? I want to give some tips to all pregnant women, as travel agents and airlines are not always ready to receive us (pregnant), nor to our babies, who are still being born and need special care, from preparation (with vaccines and perhaps useful medicines), such as during flights, roads, and even the places to be visited.

You can walk the Strip on how many days of your trip you want, whether or not you stay there. On this first day, we recommend you to visit some of the most important and famous hotels in the city, which are a must for tourists: Caesar's Palace, Wynn, Venetian, MGM Grand, Bellagio and Aria. time in each hotel, and which ones you really want to visit.

We have a group in São Paulo that meets once a month in a hostel, where a friend or guest talks about a different theme, such as: Barcelona, ​​Africa, Russia, Camino de Santiago, Amazon, among others ... All these meetings are documented in the blog, also has tips, scripts, travel suggestions and all kinds of information that can help our friends on their next trips.

You can use the resorts and cities applications, discount coupon applications, if you rent a car you save about 100 euros because you do not need to rent a GPS because you can use your cell phone, you can search the addresses and times of places, see the weather forecast to plan for the tours and logically stay connected with everyone through applications and post your photos of the trip to Portugal on social networks.

And if you are planning to travel there, do not forget to also check out the must-have tips on how to save a lot in Amsterdam. These are very good tips that are worthwhile and will save you a lot of money when planning your trip and when you are there. Your trip to Holland will be cheaper than you think and you can spend more to make the most of your trip.

I have seen tourists who traveled on account and when they arrive in the cities are curled up in the time to make walks and end up paying more for lack of orientation, eat in horrible places thinking that they are saving, when there are places until good with same price, they pay taxi to airport or road, when they could go by bus that sometimes and even enjoyable, take long walks or lose a lot of time lost in the city ... .It has to be programmed very well, there is no point in saving and losing time, not knowing the people of the pla