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Conexion Paris has created, from its extensive library of articles, the series Paris Without Spending Too Much ". You can use the resorts and cities applications, discount coupon applications, if you rent a car you save about 100 euros because you do not need to rent a GPS because you can use the phone, you can search the addresses and times of places, see the weather forecast to plan for the tours and logically stay connected with everyone through apps and post your photos of the trip to Chile on social networks.

Although it is not the beach that wanted to know the one from the photo, near the river etc, we discovered 01:00 hrs after we would have to walk more 4 km onwards, the photo beach is at the entrance of the Itaguaré River, just at the entrance we received information of how it works and care in the ecological reserve, there was an armed ranger personnel, saves lives by saying that there have already been drowning people, or a daytime torment.

Returning from the beach can not be past 18:00, that's nice to walk on the boardwalk of Meirelles, lots of people around it, and at the end of the waterfront you have the best option to taste better shrimp at great prices in the fish market. 15.00 kg and paid 5.00 for fry in the beach shack, it was so good we went there every day, the lobster la tbm is very good.

Traveling in the low season, Serranas cities such as Campos do Jordão, Gramado and Monte Verde are in high season in winter, while beach towns like Guarujá, Ilha Bela and Florianópolis are in high season in the summer, avoid the high seasons and find cheap places to travel, because in the high season the rates usually go up a lot.

Tip: When we go to the beach, we know that Sun and Sea combine for rest, peace and tranquility, but there are consequences, our skin, the two together punish and much, researching discovered Johnson's Baby Oil with Almonds ", moisturizes and softens the skin, this is one of the indispensable items in my travels, I almost never pee, my skin does not burn after sun and especially I have allergy to sunscreen so, after bathing, I take another with him, after this my trips to beaches have never been more perrengues, tan for another 15 days.

Note: people, who come to Fortaleza have to eat, at least once, baio of two, no bias please, kkkkk.é cooked rice in the beans with broth, in the end it takes cheese curd and cream (a northeastern cream) , there are several verses of the baiao of two, on the beach it comes very sequinho, only msm rice mixture cooked in the broth of beans, I confess that I do not like much, is simplezinho), but in restaurants like this he is the star, ask "bemm wet in the cream "is like a rizzoto.

For the trip to be even more complete, it is the tip to know ancient political prison on Anchieta Island, a tour that contemplates both history and nature, visit an indigenous tribe located in the Village Boa Vista, near the Promirim beach, meet project Tamar, first base created for the preservation of sea turtles, even before Fernando de Noronha.

Despite being a large neighborhood and full of buildings, there are only two hotels on the Riviera, at opposite ends of the beach, Hotel Canto da Riviera and Ilha da Madeira Resort But in the middle of the neighborhood, where are the paved streets and busiest stretch of beach , there are dozens of flats, many of which are available for online booking on Booking and Airbnb And it was one of those I stayed in.