A Group Vacation to St Barts

The first time I went to the Caribbean was on my honeymoon. My wife and I took a cruise, and that was a two day stop for us. Our favorite spot was St. Barts, and we have been back several times. The last time was the best time ever, apart from our honeymoon, because we did it a little differently. We made it a family excursion at one of the St Barts villas, and it was just a really great time for the two of us, my two brothers and their wives, and her two sisters and their husbands.

The ten of us have often gotten together for get togethers here at home, but we had never all taken a vacation together. It took us nearly a year to plan, mainly to ensure that we would all have the same block of ten days off. We knew that we may never get this chance again, so we wanted to make it as memorable as possible. That included getting a luxury home rental that has five bedroom suites with a private bath for each. There was more than enough privacy for each couple, but plenty of common space as well.

We were right on the beach, yet it was private enough to where we could just really enjoy ourselves too. We had our own private pool, an amazingly beautiful outdoor dining area with the most gorgeous scenery ever, and someone on call to help us with whatever we needed, whether it was suggestions for the area or to have a chef come cook a meal for us right at the villa. Those ten days were some of the best of all our lives, and we are going to really try and make it a point to do this again. Life is too short to not spend it with the people who matter the most!