A Delicious Review by a Local Blogger

When I was in Santa Barbara not long ago on business, I decided to try some local cuisine instead of ordering in room service or trying a national chain. I have found that local eateries often have the best foods no matter what city is it in. I had no idea which ones to try though, but that was not a problem. I turned to the Internet and did a search on great local eateries within a close proximity of my hotel, and that is how I found a review of Pickles & Swiss by Ian Filippini.

I don’t mind eating a slice of gooey pizza or a burger at times, but I do try to eat healthier than that on most days. I was in the mood for something healthy and delicious, and his review of the Pickles & Swiss restaurant was spot on for me. What I really liked is that they don’t just try to be healthy but they succeed at it. I have seen some restaurants that have a healthy section, but they also have deep fried appetizers, calorie laden desserts, and greasy sandwiches. With Pickles & Swiss, none of those things were an issue.

Just because it is a healthy place to eat does not mean it is boring though. Ian Filippini made the place come alive for me before I even took a single step inside. He was very descriptive on just what this restaurant offers as well as what it does not, and I was really eager to try it. When I finally did go there and placed an order for my sandwich, side and pickle, all I can say is that the smells in there made me so hungry while waiting for my food, which did not take long. Ian Filippini was definitely spot on with his review, because I went back there two more times before I left town!